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  • Fidelidad y claustrofobia en las nuevas narrativas – CoLabores
  • The nine companies that know more about you than Google or Facebook – Quartz
    The report looked at nine major data brokers: Acxiom, Corelogic, Datalogix, eBureau, ID Analytics, Intelius, PeekYou, Rapleaf, and Recorded Future.
  • Amazon Will Have 10,000 Robots Filling Customer Orders By The End Of The Year
  • Por qué Europa debería releer a los estoicos para no caer en la resignación
  • Del kebab al eurokebab o el verdadero ser de Europa
  • Development Horizons by Lawrence Haddad: Is "Resilience" a Mobilising Metaphor for 21st Century Development?
  • Breve ensayo sobre una actitud contemporánea – Yorokobu
  • Uno de cada tres techos de coches en EEUU los hace el Grupo Antolín,Motor- transporte-reseñas motor
    Uno de cada tres techos de coches en EEUU los hace el Grupo Antolín, que inaugura en Kansas su décima planta en el país
  • Bitcoin and Regulation: Lessons from the Early Days of Skype
    At that time, the world had changed from large, government-owned telcos to a new paradigm. Had we tried to establish Skype as a telco, rules and perversity would have appeared, driven by a dangerous combination of lack of knowledge, good intentions and political pressure. We would have entered the same world that many bitcoin operators appear to have chosen, a world in which our ideals would have been suppressed by forces outside our control.
  • John Robb: Next Gen Warfare: Hackers, Not the Government, Will Fight Next Big War [Betabeat]
  • Malware removal – removing malware from your pc
    One of the current biggest dangers to computer users today is known as malware.
    Malware is computer software which usually hides itself on your computer system and does its malevolent job when you’re working obliviously at your PC.
  • Cory Massimino: Pizzatarianism []
    1. Remain Stoic: Don’t let the depressing news get to you. Remain goal oriented and vigilant in the fight for freedom. Ask yourself “What Would Mises Do?” While it can be saddening to be half way though a brilliant magnum opus, such as “Human Action,” and really feel like you’ve got a grasp on these vital, complex issues, only to turn on the news and see all the depressing shit going on the in the world, we can’t let it get to us. Ayn Rand wrote, “In the name of the best within you, do not sacrifice this world to those who are at its worst.”

    2. Be Positive: We aren’t just against the leviathan government. We aren’t just against the welfare-warfare state. We aren’t just against authoritarianism. We are for the greatest, most powerful and unstoppable machine of human flourishing ever known to mankind. We are for total and complete human liberation. We are for a robust, tolerant, and peaceful society. We are for freedom.

    3. Have Fun: In the word of Emma Goldman, “If I can’t dance to it, it’s not my revolution.” I don’t want to make any outright predictions about the future of freedom. However, I don’t expect to see anarchy in my lifetime. I hope this generation leaves our wonderful and insightful work to the next generation of liberty lovers, just like Mises and Friedman left their work to us. Although I don’t foresee my ideal goals being accomplished before I die, I sure as hell am gonna have some fun while I fight for them. While I live and breath, I refuse to let the state rob me of my joy in addition to everything else they have robbed me of. I enjoy fighting for liberty. It it my lifeblood. it gives me motivation to live and I have fun while doing it. I intend to have fun every single minute of every single conference I attend. I intend to have fun every single article – every single letter, I write.

    This is Pizzatarianism. You see, pizza is the most libertarian of all foods. Pizza, like human freedom, has no limitations. It can be deep-dish pizza, stuffed pizza, pizza pockets, pizza turnovers, rolled pizza, pizza-on-a-stick, pizza sandwich, pizza soup, all with combinations of sauce and toppings limited only by one’s inventiveness. You can cook it an electric oven, a stone-brick oven, a conveyor belt oven, a wood fired brick oven, or a coal fired brick oven. You can even grill it.

  • Hiding a Shipment from Import Genius [Callum Makkai]
    So first ask yourself: is it really a problem that competitors know who your suppliers are? You may gain nothing by maintaining a veil of secrecy over your importing activities. After all, every industry is a village and there are likely only a handful of competent manufacturers in the world who can produce goods to your required specifications. It is likely that your competitors already know who your suppliers are just by looking at your products.

    But if secrecy is a must, there is a simple way to make sure your company name does not appear on websites like Import Genius. All you have to do is ask your shipping agent to have the Bill of Lading made “to order” of your customs broker in the US. (Here is an example of how this kind of Bill of Lading turns up in Import Genius.) By doing so, you assure that your broker’s name — not yours — shows up in the online trade data. The total cost for this layer of privacy is exactly nothing. That’s a lot easier than setting up a company in Hong Kong.

  • Spanish Tax Authority is Monitoring Bitcoin for Use in Illicit Activities

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